Hollywood can be a friend and a foe to entrepreneurs.  They provide a friendly and amazing service when offering a glimpse into the life of miracles and fantasy.  Their fascinating stories, the characters, the struggle and triumph serve to feed the higher calling within each business owner.  In contrast, the images of unrealistic characters that provide impossible standards serve as a nemesis of sorts.  There are heroes that are unbelievably good-looking, physically fit, have black belts in karate, and can hack two laptops while baking cookies for a soccer team.  Our TV heroines date the dream guy, keep a flawless manicure, and they have the nerve to grapple with some endearing flaw that makes them even more adorable.  And sitcoms are the worst because their heroes solve life-altering dilemmas within thirty minutes, every week for an entire season.



Thanks for setting impossible standards!

In real life, we live out the role of superwoman, supermom, super CEO, super-wife, super-neighbor and super-deaconess at church, and we do it without theme music or commercial breaks.  The goal of life and success is to walk in excellence and be sober, not delusional.  Refuse to be taunted by the mythical Hollywood creatures that appear flawlessly in every frame.  It may be acceptable to take a cue from Hollywood when you need to believe in the dream and pursue the miracle, but release unattainable standards when you get stuck with a bad hair day.  Humidity will have its work, and that new haircut will sometimes do unexpected things.  Understand, that success is a dance between give and take.  Life is a little yin and a little yang, it’s up and down – and it’s about mastering the balance.


The entrepreneur that walks the talk is the entrepreneur that remains positive when things go negative.  It’s about your self-talk when things get scary, about effectively encouraging employees on their worst day, and about outperforming a competitor without gloating.  Walking the talk looks a lot different in real life than it does on TV.  Being the boss rarely looks perfect in the day to day.  Truthfully, success really is about the times when it gets a little rough, and your mindset is so keen to success that you walk on the water rather than giving in to the tempest and crashing waves.  It’s about your faith level and your faith walk.  And this is an opportunity to realize an additional way that Hollywood helps us:


In woeful moments, see yourself as your favorite hero emerging from the ashes with the wind-fan blowing her braids in the air as she carries 2 innocent children to safety!


We really have to thank Hollywood for those campy moments in cinema.  Those images are easily leveraged when we need to look beyond the challenges of the day, and find the triumphant possibilities of tomorrow.  And now, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the part that separates the girls from the women.  Walking the talk speaks to what you know to do versus what you actually do.  In the moments when you’ve invested lots of money, put in the time, worked in excellence, produced a superior product, but your brand gets passed over for a lesser company, what will you do?  Those are the moments when you walk it out.  When you want to cry, but you move on to the next sales call or team meeting.  Those are the days that you’re really a boss.  When you can take the hit and keep on ticking, you walk the talk.  Walking the talk isn’t some white washed version of life, when you always look good, you’re always flawless, and you’re always winning.  Walking the talk is evident when a client delays paying an invoice and payroll and bills are due.  Walking it out is when you’re nervous about the schedule or a cranky client, but you have to keep your game face because all of your employees are watching you to determine if the ship’s sinking.  Those are moments that you grow up and stretch out – you literally map out new territory and dominance on those days!


Ultimately, be prepared, offer an excellent product, be confident and believe in yourself and your staff, honor your brand with good marketing, aesthetics, and pay rates.  But when all is said and everything that you know to do is done, no matter what happens, walk it out, walk the talk!


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