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3 Secrets to Killing Procrastination

Stop procrastinating and start getting things done!

Are you not doing the things you need to do? Putting off the things you say you’re going to do? Finding excuses to everything but the thing you know you need to do?

I know how this feels…Terrible. You start to question your willpower, and your commitments. You even question whether you really want to be doing that thing you say you want to do.

Get this! Procrastination is not about willpower, commitments or desire. It’s not even an unsolvable mystery.

It’s a formula. And when you discover and change your key element of the formula, it becomes exponentially easier to get off the procrastination treadmill and into action.

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The W.E.L.L. Connected Community

The W.E.L.L. Connected (Women Excelling and Living Life) is a group for purpose-driven, heart centered women, goal getting entrepreneurs, and those who are new to (or have a strong desire to) start their own business.

20 Ways to Revitalize Your Productivity

Do you at times find yourself thinking you would be more productive if you could get more accomplished each day? Perhaps you struggle getting started or get hung up on the details. Maybe you even procrastinate in getting things done because you just feel too overwhelmed. Use these strategies to revitalize your productivity and get things done with less stress and with more motivation.

20 ways
Mindset guide

Developing a Mindset for Growth

Developing a mindset of growth is based on your willingness to invest in self and your commitment to change your most powerful beliefs to make up your mind to become a new, better version of yourself. Now is the time for you to take the leap and make that decision, so you can lead an incredible life starting today and show the world your greatest superpowers.

Grab this easy to digest Mindset Guide and start implementing today!

Motivational Style Quiz

Motivation is one of the keys to success, but self-motivation doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Are you self-motivated or do you typically need an extra push from others to get yourself going?

So, what’s your motivation style? Take my quiz to learn more about your motivation style.


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