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“When you’re clear on who you are & why you’re here –  

you won’t quit.” ~ Tawanda L. Charles

I work with women and entrprenuers who desire new earning incomes and lifestyles. They want to take action and use their expertise to create more impact to those they serve, while experiencing financial success and freedom.

I help women take the appropriate steps to build their lives and business, so they stop procrastinating, experiencing overwhelm or frustration and simplify their systems and focus.

I’m Tawanda L. Charles a Certified Professional Success Strategist and Founder/CEO of The WELL Empowerment – Women Excelling and Living Life, an organization specializing in the science of transformational coaching, guiding women in pursuit of impossible dreams and unapologetically demanding their place in the world.

I have over two decades in the business world, focused on helping women succeed. My mission is to help more women be effective authentic leaders because we need more female leaders in the world! Read more…here.

WELL done! You’ve made the first step!

I’m so glad you’re here, because it shows you’re determined to succeed, you have the courage to face change and know that now is the time to invest in yourself!

  • Maybe you feel like you have plateaued in your corporate job?
  • Perhaps you have just launched a start-up and need help directing all your creative energy?
  • Are you stuck in a mental loop, trying to decide on your next steps?

You know something needs to change…

I have created a program that incorporates all of my experience. I have a process that works with both mindset and business structures because you cannot succeed without building skills in both areas. My Women Excelling and Living Life™ program is effective, powerful and will change the way you experience your business and yourself. Find out more about what I do…here.

Start my Women Excelling and Living Life Empowerment Program today!

My signature program provides a comfortable and supportive environment that honors your transformational journey to the life you desire and deserve!

I’m passionate about guiding you there safely using my knowledge, experience and compassion to develop your mindset mastery.

Conquering new earning incomes starts with analyzing your business. The success of empowerment coaching is that it encompasses all your individual complexities as a unique, fabulous woman. You’re not just a successful businesswoman, you have many facets to your life and personality.

Empowerment coaching resets anything in your current mindset that blocks your path to financial success. Its scientific structure starts with you as an individual and then drills down into practical business applications.

Defining and achieving your goals is POSSIBLE

Stop trying to do it all yourself. You’re your own best asset.

Investing in you is the best option!

“Problems are never resolved by the same mindset that created them.” ~Albert Einstein


With my Empowerment coaching you get:

  • Clear objectives with measurable outcomes
  • Release from self-sabotage and resolution of hidden fears
  • Mastery of positive habits and thinking patterns
  • Cultivating more time freedom, even if you have a day job
  • Nurturing learning environment to face your challenges
  • Empathy, honesty, integrity

What you don't get:

  • Meaningless mantras or catch phrases
  • Complicated academic language to decode
  • One-size-fits-all program

Your health, wealth & relationships must be guided & measured


You won’t stumble into success. You need a place to receive caring support

Book a Complimentary 20-Minute Strategy Call  & learn 3 steps to move closer to the thriving life and business you crave!

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One-on-One Signature Program

This program is designed to optimize your budget, time & resources with personal mastery, field-tested marketing measures, & polished client techniques.  Build your brand with ZERO guesswork! Get more & get it today!

W.E.L.L. Group Coaching

A four-month program designed to activate your top business performance with secret techniques that only elite insiders know & trust.   What you don’t know is costing you time & what you won’t do is leaving cash on the table! Claim your kingdom!

6-Week Workshop

Realign mindset weaknesses, fix system deficiencies, & marketing struggles with accelerated coaching that raises you up into to the professional powerhouse of your dreams.  If you need a thriving business FAST,  the six week workshop gets you there!

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