Creating an empire has to be broken down into bite size pieces.  The mighty task of conquering a kingdom has steps and formulas, and the most important aspect is that of spiritual and mental acuity.  With regard to mindset, the perspective you have today was necessary for the life you’ve created today.  The good and bad outcomes are yours because of how you think and how those thoughts informed your choices.  Thus, the perspective necessary to become a millionaire should be foreign and mysterious until you do the work to research and employ the tenets and habits that qualify you for that level.  You will have to go out and adapt the knowledge and understanding of your next level self.  That begins with admitting that you have to purge things that can’t be brought into the next phase.  Condition and renew your mind, assess your progress, and perform acts of appreciation for the new life and victory.




Mental Detox


The bad things that happened to you when you were a child, a teenager, and young adult are reflected in your life for as long as you have those memories filed in the negative section of your mind.  Every time you are frustrated or scared, you’ll flip through those memories in order to gripe about how bad you have it.  Those negative thoughts have their power and physical manifest by way of your choices.  They have their life by way of their influence and ability to trigger your behavior.  Purging thoughts that plague you with regret or vengeful impulse is the beginning of renewing your mind.  For example, the toxin of pride will impede your ability to request forgiveness and repent.  If you don’t repent, you can’t turn away from the behaviors that are costing your wealth, health, and happiness.  The toxin of greed can cause you to take more than you should, usually during times that you should actually give, and it causes you to refuse to give when you should release.  The toxin of envy is connected to every evil work, and it encourages you to compare yourself with others and that is unfair to you, to them and to the creator.  It is a toxin above all toxins and is the fastest way to the grave.  Envy is very unassuming, and it feels as if it is only an honest and natural thought.  It is not natural.  It is wicked, very twisted.  The diversity we have on the planet is a blessing, and everyone has a great and miraculous gift to share with the human family and the planet.  Envy shrouds your eyes from recognizing your gifts and from fully loving others and appreciating their blessing.  Please refuse to tolerate it another day.




There are other emotions and perspectives that need to be cleared from your mind and doing the work includes forgiving, correcting, and clearing out that toxic emotional load.  This is something that you’ll need to do regularly, and most people will need a bit of help to root out the more deep seeded problems.  Determine whether you need a licensed professional, a coach, or clergyman.  But whatever you do, refuse to hide or ignore you emotional toxins.




Mental Exercise


Once you clear the spiritual toxins, you will want to develop calisthenics for your mind.  You will need to prepare for the challenges and disappointments that are scattered along the road to success.  Scriptural study, affirmations, prayer, memorization of positive tenets, etc., builds the spiritual muscle necessary to wrangle your dream from the vision board into reality.  Understand that the daily practice and preparation of your mind is something that separates the girls from the women.




Mental Witness


During your worst days, testimonies will be the way you overcome.  You must compile your favorite stories of triumph, be they biblical, biographical or personal – reading stories about the past struggle to victory is how you continue in the current battle.  Sometimes it looks as if winning is impossible, and it’s during those times that you need a little help from all of the whispers of encouragement that speak to the contrary.  The important thing to remember is you’ll want to compile that list well ahead of actually needing it.




Mental Grateful Appreciation


Lastly, be grateful before the dream manifests and after, as well.  Appreciate the privilege of being able to pursue your dreams and having the freedom and resources to be in the fight and in the struggle.  The pursuit of happiness, in and of itself, is a blessing.  After you pray in faith, and you work by inspired action, you should have an expectation that is so strong and true that you thank the Heavenly Father for it before it even shows up.  If you haven’t developed that feeling, you may not be walking in faith.  You may only have an intense hope.  Go back to purging, mental exercises, and testimonies until you can’t help but give thanks for the harvest while the seed is still in the ground.  That’s a major tool for the winners in business.  Be as thankful as possible, even in famine, because appreciation is the mindset that positions you to receive the coming harvest.



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