Life is an all you can eat buffet with infinite food choices, but it’s available for a very specific price.  You may select the food of good family, the food of romance and marriage, the food of wealth, the coveted entrée of good health, and the dessert of a great shoe collection, but you can only dine at this buffet after paying the one-time price of faith (dollars) and action (cents).  The problem is that faith and action are experienced in abundance for some, and meagerly for others.  There are many delicious things on life’s buffet that are barely tasted by the masses, and it’s a tragedy.  The tender and delectable morsels of success are reserved for those who pay the price of building a lifestyle of premium faith and inspired action.  The most important thing to realize that there ain’t no free buffet at this restaurant, and sometimes you have to pay a bit extra if you want wine and truffles.


The Creator designed us to show up or cycle out of this life experience.  You will either do the work to live the good life, or you will serve a sentence as the walking dead – wrought with fantasies and regrets and no legacy.  Harsh, I know – but it’s better to see the choices ahead than to float around thinking that your best intention is good enough.  Faith in action is how mankind pleases the Creator.  Talk is cheap – really cheap, and the thing you actually do reflects what you truly believe.  So, take a look at the menu of life.  Select your appetizer, entrée, and dessert – then get to work building your faith with affirmation, scriptural study, and classical education.  Don’t stop working on your vocational expertise and spiritual mindset until your faith and preparation propels you toward the door of action.  Recruit the team, staff, and mentors necessary to strategize and execute movement, and let action have its good work in your life.

Then enjoy your meal!

Nevertheless, we should consider the stressors associated with taking action.  Being action adverse is common for many, and it can have an acute onset with business owners.  Life’s buffet can have bitter selections, and from time-to-time, you might mistakenly fill your plate with some regrettable choices.  However, in most cases, you may discard the unwanted cuisine, grab a clean plate, and stay clear of that food choice in the future.  In truth, releasing your fear begins with a brave appreciation for failure.  Understand that faith speaks to your belief that you are generally invincible even in the face of losing, even more so than the shallow belief that you will win every battle.


As an entrepreneur you must facilitate your faith by elevating your perspective about life and business.

Choices and action are a furnace and a womb.  It’s the environment from which you are reborn into a new stronger and more vigilante person.  If you don’t take the inspired, strategic action, you don’t get to grow, and you’ll never have a chance at the victory.  Miracles happen when you get into action.  Learn to be repelled by the thought of another plate of boring brown rice in life.  Remember another year of inaction gets you the limited menu choices that make life a disappointment.  Refuse to over spiritualize the journey, making everything about positive affirmations with no actionable follow-through.  That’s a farce, and it gets tricky because most of us would prefer keeping things simple and spiritual rather than showing and proving our resolve with action.  When you purchase that non-refundable ticket to fly to a networking event, and introduce yourself to the movers and shakers in your industry, your assertions of spiritual enlightenment are really tested.


Ultimately, money, love, health, and happiness require growth in the mind and heart, as evident by the presence of faith.  And they require movement in the physical realm via a well-planned and executed action.  While jumping from the cliff of new territories is daunting, proving that you can fly makes it worth the risk.  So, jump sisters – JUMP!

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