The courage to try is not acceptable.  Don’t get on that train.  It may sound liberating, but it’s a trap. When we decide to be successful, pay off debt, send our parents to a five-star senior home, we have the responsibility of bringing that to fruition.  That’s a decision.  In contrast, trying to do those things leaves momma in a government-subsidized senior home with sticky floors, reeking with the smell of pine oil and popcorn.


“Oh, Momma. I’m so sorry, but I tried!”


Now, imagine you had to fight to keep your children safe from a big bad predator, or you had to go find food in the wilderness so they wouldn’t starve.  Would you be comfortable with a passive intention of trying to save them or would you feel the rise of determination necessary to grab hold of your victory for their sake?


The concept of trying is irresponsible.   It sets you up to accept failure.  Remember, anything that encourages excuses is a liability.  There should be no room for excuses, because they make room for the fail. The courage to try is birthed out of the energy that makes it okay to try but miss the mark. The word try carries the darkened energy of failure, and it also carries a weak, flimsy reference of winning.  The concept suggests that trying is a reward.  And while sometimes, we can give our all and still finish in second place; many times we lose because we made space for the loss in our hearts.  We excuse the loss of victory, citing that the timing was off, or that there wasn’t enough money.  We even have the nerve to admit to having a lack of confidence!  All our excuses sound so logical, and they even feel a little insightful and forward thinking.  But as a seasoned Coach and Strategist, I don’t hear the excuses.  I hear the question. 

Why did those excuses have room to block your win?

Why didn’t you do the work to grow your confidence and expertise?  Why didn’t your due diligence prepare you for industry standards and expectation?  Why didn’t you network, study, invest in necessary workshops, and find the cash you needed?  Honestly ladies, when you need money for a thing, you find the money.  If you’ll lose the car, lose your home, when you need your hair done, or when your child needs braces, you find the money.  So, the truth of the matter, more than likely, is that you failed to be resourceful and you decided to settle for the bragging rights of having tried.

One entrepreneur to another, I declare to you, trying is absolutely not good enough!  I want you at the top of your mountain, pulling other business owners up to the apex, sharing the lessons that you learned when you won the victory.  Of course, count the cost, investigate what will be required of you, but once you make a decision to attain a desire – girl, go get your blessing!  Learn to build your character with faith and action.  You can’t become that triumphant, dragon slayer by almost slaying dragons.  Do it – get it done, and never again romanticize trying. 


Success is more about getting the weakness out of your life.  We do push ups and sit ups to get the weakness out of the body.  We refuse to listen to naysayers to get the weak thoughts out of our minds.  We get educated and better informed so as to get the weakness of ignorance out of our intellect.  We must strengthen our character and crowd out weakness.  Make your day about the next step that strengthens the hold on victory.  If you feel weak at the thought of asking for a meeting with the mayor about contracting with your business, then fight through that point of pain.  Step closer to victory by rehearsing your pitch to a mentor, study more about the mayor’s likes and dislikes, affirm who you are – read your resume and legitimately build your confidence.  Do all you can do, being careful not to use the prep-time to procrastinate, and then make the call – contact the mayor’s office and let the gift of courage make room for you.  Pushing through the pain and fire of fear with strategic action is the exercise that gets the weakness out of our personality.


Most people doing big things need a team of support.  If you find that you keep trying to wake up an hour earlier to pray or exercise, and you keep hitting the snooze button, you need help.  At the start of a thing, when you’re a mere babe in the woods, you’ll need a parent to help save you from yourself.  Think of how helpless our children are in the world.  How we have to get them up in the mornings for school, even when they gripe and grumble.  Think how we check their homework, and hold them accountable, teaching responsibility and consequences.  Your lifestyle and flesh will tell you when you need a parent.  When you refuse to read affirmations or make sales calls consistently, you must admit that you are just an adolescent in mindset, and you need a legal guardian.  Get a mentor, please, before you waste another precious year of your life trying to attain wealth and success. Pay whatever you need to get the business coach or guru that will hold you accountable and won’t let you get away with merely trying.


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