When it comes to change, the majority of us are uncomfortable with the process. We have to deal with distress, anxiety, and even some pressure. Yet, although the process of change is relatively challenging, the outcome is usually where we gain the most strength.

Most times, we tend to be our greatest roadblocks on out journey to success. Our decisions, many times, are plagued by us allowing our fears and the “what if’s” to govern our thoughts and ability to make sound decisions. However, in order to evolve into our greatest versions of self, we have to put in a balanced amount of effort in order to achieve our goals. Getting understanding and acknowledging what are the components of fear that are associated with taking action, we will discover and become better equipped to overcome and move past these fears.

Fear of Honesty

Taking action requires you to have the courage to strive for greatness. You have to dare to face and acknowledge that there is a problem. For instance, if someone decides that their current lifestyle is unhealthy, they’re acknowledging that there is something specific about themselves that they need to change. To admit that you have flaws, one would have to be brave enough and honest enough with self to be this transparent or better yet—this vulnerable. Many live with a romanticized view of themselves, which can prevent them from excelling. When you say to yourself, “hey, I don’t like this or that about myself or my situation and I want to change,” you are taking a stand against staying stagnant.

Fear of Judgment

Taking action is a visual representation of what you intend to accomplish. Therefore, the opinions of others are a bittersweet weight that prevents many people from reaching their goals. Some people may watch the decisions and actions steps you’re making and express their opinions on what you’re doing. You have to really be a brave enough person to block and void out the views of others and do what they know is going to help their progression. Here is where you have to be your own person and encourage yourself to the sake of your growth and success.

Fear of Failure

When you make a decision to finally put forth the mental, spiritual and physical effort in achieving your dreams, there is also the possibility of failure. One thing to remember, failure is not failure when you learn from your mistakes. Taking a risk and accepting the challenges that come along with your journey to success is a sign of true bravery. Of course, it would be easier to believe that staying complacent and not taking the necessary actions that will change your life while allowing the fear of failure to consume you. However, I challenge you to ask yourself, am I living to my fullest potential if I allowed this fear to rule my life and my decisions?

Fear of Change

You have to overcome the fear of change in order to take action and to make any changes you desire for in your life. Taking action involves change simply because it forces us to switch our routine. We are conditioned and accustomed to living a certain way, talking a certain way, and using our talents in a certain way. Often times, when we are asked to adjust these ways of being, it frightens us. We shrink and play it small from taking the steps forward to create the lasting change we need to grow.

We, in essence, have to drop who we’ve been (the old self) and evolve into something completely different—becoming more. This could mean giving up old habits, limiting beliefs and ways in an effort to progress and breakthrough to greatness. That can be extremely horrifying which could cause feelings of loneliness and separation anxiety. However, whatever you sacrifice, there will always be a purpose and a benefit in doing so. It takes a great amount of courage to overlook the uncomfortable elements of a situation and take action to meet your goals.

Fear of Effort

On the road to success, you must know that that are no shortcuts, and those who believe that there are, are not going to achieve long-term success. Often times, we may be afraid of actually putting in the work! We may want to relax or engage in activities that are pleasing to us or that requires less effort.

Having this way of thinking or mentality will only prevent you from succeeding. Taking action does indeed require effort, attention, consistency, and commitment to the work. It may at times not be exciting, enjoyable, or pleasing. However, when you understand that you will have to put your “whole self” into something, so to speak, you are creating a stronger sense of determination. No pain no gain! That takes courage to know that what you’re doing will be challenging, but you are still willing to follow through with it even through the growing pains.

Just remember one thing, it maybe scary and overwhelming, but the rewards are will be well worth it. The process can be scary, but when changing your perspective and gaining control, the results will be more than satisfying; they’ll be life changing. Never stop moving towards your goals, matter of fact face them with confidence knowing that you will be an overcomer and—you will WIN!

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