Let’s take an imaginary journey for a moment. Picture yourself right now as an interior decorator. This is the kind of job where people pay you to organize the contents of their home to fit in with a certain style of either their or your choosing. Now, with that same picture in mind I want you to imagine yourself as a ‘Life-Designer’. This is where you take control of your internal state and decorate/design it in exactly the kind of way that you want it to be, according to your desires and needs.

Doesn’t this visualization sound amazing? Guess what, it actually is possible to create and design your life in this way. Taking control of your internal life allows you to influence your external life too. For better clarity, let me give you an example of what it looks like.

Sandy wakes up one morning and she is in the best mood ever. For some reason she just knows today is going to be great day. She gets out of bed and goes about doing the things she always does, her usual routine. She walks around feeling all warm and lovely inside and it doesn’t matter what negative events occur, she is able to turn everything around and see it as a positive. Sandy is not a Life-Designer, she just woke up in a really great mood.

Lisa, on the other hand wakes up moody. She didn’t get any sleep at all, she has a bit of a headache and she doesn’t realize until she opens the fridge that she forgot to buy milk on the way home from work last night, it looks like she’ll be eating dry cereal and having black coffee this morning, and her mood is a reflection.

Lisa is a Life-Designer, so the first thing she does once she’s fully awake is some slow and deep breathing exercises. She immediately begins to feel better and the headache she has lessened slightly.

Next, she looks at the plans that she organized for herself a few weeks back and decided instead to cook herself a healthy breakfast to go with her second cup of ‘oh well’ dark coffee. She feels good from the healthy meal. Now, she sits down and begins to visualize herself in a good mood, taking total charge of her day and making even more progress with the personal projects she has set for herself.

Lisa has only been exercising this way of living for a few months since she came across the idea of ‘designing her life through positive intent and focus’. She has already seen some drastic changes occurring in her life and she feels amazing about what she is doing. She still makes mistakes and hasn’t fully mastered her internal state, but she is well on the way to living exactly the kind of life that she wants.

Interior Design

Did you know that you too could be like Lisa? Having control over your internal state is something that is becoming more common knowledge among extraordinary people just like you.

This state of being, is a modern take on a very ancient discipline practiced by Monks and spiritual people for thousands of generations long before us. It is the profound truth that you can become the master of your inner state of mind, to influence not only your thoughts, emotions, health, and wellness, but also your external environment.

It is a very deep and complex art that requires many years of hard work and dedication to master.  Changing the way you think and the way you internalize your emotions, is a powerful discipline that allows you to take control and live exactly the kind of life that you want to live.

So, come on and get to it. All you have to do is be like Lisa. Commit yourself to this wonderful practice and begin to reap the rewards immediately.

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